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Nestled south of the Midlands with easy access to the south coast and London, Oxfordshire is a busy county full of diversity and there are hundreds of transvestites just waiting for new contacts whether it is for a spot of dating, sexy assignations or friendship! As with all our members we have all levels of TV contacts, including Lingerie Lovers from Langford, Bisexuals from Bicester, Tgirls of Thame, Charlbury Crossdressers, Sissy maids from Shillingford and Panty-wearers in Pishill – so whatever part of Oxfordshire you hail from and whatever type of gurl you class yourself as, you will find admirers and like-minded adults galore here…

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It always surprises newbies to the site just how many ‘other people like me’ there are out there, even in the smallest of places you can find a crossdresser hiding in the closet, but with the power of the internet you can find them all! It isn’t even all about sex, although if you want to find NSA contacts there are lots of those, but if you are a newbie just finding your (heeled) feet in the world of transvestitism then you will find that our members site will help answer your questions, give you plenty of contacts to chat with about yours & their experiences and get dressing & make-up tips.

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We know it is daunting finding new friends no matter how long you’ve been dressing, sharing yourself online can be hard. Now, although we can’t show you many photos here of our members because this is the public side of the online contacts website, those above are genuine members but we’ve masked them so they aren’t identifiable but once you join you will be able to see the images just as the trannys have posted them onto their profile space. Once you are a member yourself you will be able to search for local trannies, crossdressing partners or admirers, search for specifics like age, size, interests, etc and you’ll have access to the online chatrooms where you can chat in real time with members not just in Oxon but also the whole of the UK and further afield.

SissyStefani – Full-time Sissy, Chipping Norton
I am bisexual, single and wear lingerie all the time. Would like to find a mistress or master (or both) to treat as their own personal maid, complete with humiliation and bondage. I have a few outfits but once I find someone to serve I can get more to suit what they want me to be – I am open to any suggestions! In the meantime I am happy to meet with guys and other Tgirlz for some fun times.
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Frank61 – Tranny Lover, Oxford
I’m searching for convincing, slim & sexy trannys or ideally proper shemales. I love to see a nice cock covered in silky knickers, makes me so hard, then you can suck me off with your lipstick lips before I finish off by fucking your arse while fondling your tits. If you can fit this bill then get in touch and we can arrange where to meet for some mutual fun
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RubberRosie – PVC Loving Tranny, Banbury
I’m a young, fit, bisexual, single, part-time tranny who loves wearing rubber and PVC outfits, the tighter the better! I’m looking for guys, or women, who are also into wearing rubber or who love a Tgirl that does! I will go out dressed if you want more of a date and I can be as demure or outrageous as you want, with a selection of clothes from tight miniskirts to full on catsuits and thigh high boots! I am very convincing, totally smooth with long legs and 5′ 6″ so plenty of room for heels. Sexually I am very adventurous and will always listen to suggestions and nine times out of ten give it a go! [See More…]
Toni10 – Newbie XDresser, Abingdon
Change, change, change – recently moved to new area, new job, new flat & newly single – so I’ve decided that this is the chance for me to embrace the me that’s always been hiding! I have for as long as I can remember fantasised about wearing ladies clothes but always suppressed these urges as they weren’t normal. But I have been looking at sites like this for a while and now I have my own space I can be my own person! I’m not wanting to be a woman but I am going to embrace my feminine side, wear knickers to work and dress how I want to at home. So seeking others who have experience of this change of lifestyle and to swap stories, tips, etc. Nothing sexual right now as I don’t know if I am bi (well maybe a little curious) but we can see if anything arises… [See More…]

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